Rating Your Website | Four ‘Fs’ = An ‘A’

During the course of a regular business day, many of our clients and potential clients ask a very important question . . . .


Well . . . if you ask 20 people this question, you will get 20 different answers.  So . . . we have come up with a bulletproof rating system.  This rating system is the AI Software ‘Report Card’ – where Four ‘Fs’ = An ‘A’.  In 2011, it’s no longer about just having a ‘cool’ website, there are four fundamental items (or ‘Fs) that will get you an A+ on your website. 

The Four Fundamentals are:  Flare | Functionality | Findability | Friends

I get it, that’s a lot of Fs, but if you use this system, you can very quickly evaluate and improve your web presence.  Let’s take a look.

Flare | how does my website look?
This is the fun part, take a look at your website and ask the following:
  • Is my web layout appealing?
  • How does this compare with my competitors’ web sites?
  • Are the graphics crisp and clean – and optimized for digital display?
  • Are you (and your users) comfortable with the navigation?

Functionality | how does my website behave?
This is a little more tricky – and best left to your development team.
  • Can you update web content without contacting/paying your IT team?
  • How does your website look and behave on mobile devices?
  • Is your website user friendly to a novice web user?
  • How scalable is your website (i.e. how quickly can features be added)?

Findability | how do people find my website?
This is becoming the most important aspect of having a website.  Commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), this covers how you are being indexed by search engines and found by your stakeholders.
  • Has your IT team added meta data/keywords to your site?
  • Are your keywords relevant and appropriate?
  • Are you being properly indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing?
  • What keywords are you submitting to these search engines?

Friends | are you making the most of social networking?
This is the most mishandled portion of most websites in 2011.  The social network (like most new-to-market technology) is a powerful tool – but only when used appropriately and effectively. 
  • Are you on the social network?  Should you be?
  • Do you have a strategy – that is tailored to your industry/business?
  • Are you being efficient with your updates?
  • Does your social networking strategy match / mirror your brand?

If you are able to make the most of these Four Fs, you can bet that your web strategy will complement and enhance your business and marketing plan in 2011 and beyond.  Send me an email if you’re interested in the Four Fs that get you an A+ on your website.

Terry Robinski | terry@aisoftwareinc.com
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