How Video Can Bolster Your Web Presence

Did you know that YouTube is the second most queried search engine behind Google (who acquired YouTube in 2006).  Videos add life and tell a story, but can also help you get higher rankings on search engines!.

There is only so much that text and graphics can do to create a personality and voice for your overall web presence.  Well – produced videos can make a huge impact when used effectively.

Here are a few suggestions for improving your web presence with video:

  • Like anything else, make sure the videos are quality.  Putting low quality or poorly-produced content out there tells a story also – just not the right one.  Same advice as who you hire for your web presence, use a professional firm!
  • Utilize testimonials / case studies.  Not only can testimonials be impactful on a website or social media channel, your sales staff can forward links (with a proposal) to potential customers to get attention and position your firm above the competitors.
  • Keep it short.  2 minutes is a lifetime for heavy YouTube users.  Tell your story in 20-30 seconds.
  • Plan ahead to maximize resources.  In other words, sit with your video company for 15-20 minutes of content.  If you are using 20-30 second spots, you just covered yourself for the whole year.

As always, if you want some help putting it together, let us know:  www.aisoftware.us