Search Engine Wars

It is common knowledge now that Google dominates the search engine wars.  While Bing, Yahoo! and Ask.com continue to hold their own, a new leader is quickly emerging. 

When looking at the aggregate amount of queries/searches done across all of the major websites, portals, etc. we find that the second largest search engine in 2011 is not Bing or Yahoo! – but YouTube.

Web users are getting used to video responses to their queries . . .

Is it really that hard to believe that YouTube (purchased by Google in 2006) is the second largest search engine?

It is more than just the traffic that is generated from web users looking for an entertainment venue – it is about education.  Hundreds of thousands of video tutorials exist on YouTube today!

YouTube is what future generations will use instead of an encyclopedia.

Not sure how to wash a dog? Change a diaper? Jailbreak an iPhone? Build a deck? Do a magic trick? Play the solo in Van Halen's 'Running With The Devil'? Understand what Google TV will be? Whatever random question you have, someone, somewhere has created a video with the answer and the tutorial on how to do it.

It begs the question: how well are you leveraging the power of YouTube online videos to connect with your customers?

Want some ideas – let us know!