Twitt-Tips | 10 Suggestions on how to ‘Tweet’

twitterAre you a novice or experienced Tweeter?

Do you have a clear focus in mind as to why you are planning to or are using Twitter?

Are you just tweeting aimlessly, in the hope that other Tweeters will decide to follow you or like what you tweet about?

Regardless of the answer to those questions, one thing is likely:  You will have to get creative and consistent to gain credibility and followers on Twitter.

Here are some tips that should help increase your exposure as you ‘Tweet’:

  1. Create a list of 100 top tips (outside of Twitter) that are relevant to your business. Post 1-3 per week. Use, reuse and add to your list as you find interesting topics through the course of doing business.
  2. Post "Did you know" trivia and quirky facts about your business.
  3. Share industry updates and news stories sourced from blog posts, online articles, newsletters, etc.  There is nothing wrong with linking to others in your industry if the information is credible.
  4. Use Google Alerts keyword search tool to source up to date articles and features.
  5. Automate your tweets using Pinglater or Tweetlater. However do have "real" conversations to retain your human element.
  6. Participate in conversations. Join a thread and chat.
  7. Comment on other peoples' posts. Retweet posts that you feel offer positive and progressive help for others.
  8. Offer your helpful advice and opinion. Give to receive. Thank people who retweet you and reply to you. Help others to grow and achieve success.
  9. Link your Twitter account to your other online social media platforms to maximize the viral spread of your business message.
  10. Be consistent. Stick with it to build positive connections, with the potential to do business.

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