Terry’s 6 for 2012

Top 6 predictions that will help your 2012 web presence.

Get Social or Get Lost Online
The social media craze will continue to grow exponentially in 2012.  Few people who have an Internet-enabled device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Droid, etc.) are not on at least one social media site (YouTube counts also) on a daily basis.  If you don’t want to bother with a personal social presence, you should still strongly consider a social media presence for your business.

Smart Phones, No Longer So ‘Smart’
Five or six years ago, the term ‘Smartphone’ meant a phone that connects to the Internet and lets the owner check email, browse the Internet, etc.  This year (and beyond), it’s going to be increasingly difficult to find phones that don’t offer these services (thanks in part to the social media craze).  Future generations will view the term ‘Smartphones’ like today’s adults view terms such as:  Betamax, DVD player, Laser Disc, Compact Disc, Land Line, etc.

You Better Recognize
B2C companies will continue to utilize apps to reach their customers on their mobile device(s) – however, B2B will begin to utilize browser recognition – which provides greater efficiency.  Browser recognition refers to the ability for a web site to recognize the device that is displaying the site and adjust itself appropriately.  This concept allows a single application to be developed rather than multiples (Apple, Droid, etc.) so that a single application can be displayed (with optimal view) on mobile phones and other devices such as tablets.  It also allows content to be written and deployed server-side, so the user does not have to update their apps when patches/upgrades are released – with browser recognition, they are automatic.

FLASH . . . in the pan?
Flash technology – largely popular for motion/videos online will disappear in the next 18-24 months.  The main reason for this prediction is based on the fact that the technology is not supported on (most) mobile devices.   The mobile devices that still support Flash technology announced in 2011 that they will be abandoning this platform.  So, if your website is currently built in Flash, contact  AI Software (513-792-2207) and let’s get you set up for the future.

In August 2011, it was announced that YouTube is the 2nd most queried search engine (Google being #1).  This means that there are more searches being done on YouTube than on Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.  Google acquired YouTube in 2006 and has done an excellent job of making it into an online encyclopedia.  Want to know how to change oil?   Check YouTube.  Want to figure out how to do something in Word or Excel that you forgot?  Check YouTube.  While the service is excellent for entertainment, YouTube is quickly becoming an online encyclopedia for those of us who would rather watch a video than read an instruction manual.

Professionals deliver Professional Service
Whether your web presence is managed by an employee or a third party – you should make sure that you have the right partner.  10 years ago, everyone knew they needed a ‘web site’ for their organization.  Today, you need a ‘web presence’ that includes not only your home page – but multiple instances of your business online (Facebook, YouTube, Blog, etc.) to be successful with online marketing.  If you still think that your nephew can manage your web presence while he is in college – you will quickly be surpassed by competitors who place value on a quality web presence designed and maintained by a professional team.

AI Software – Putting Together Your Web Presence in 2012

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