Having Only One Website is SOOOOO 2005

In 2012 an effective online strategy requires a web presence rather than just a single web-site (as was the case for so many years).  To illustrate this point, think of your web presence as an extension of your business as follows:

Your Building/Location:  This is your primary URL (or website) – the (virtual) location from which business happens.  Sometimes products are for sale here (ecommerce).

Production/Engineering:  This is the technology that powers your web site – commonly known as a CMS or Content Management System.  This is where products are sold, processes are managed, content is created, etc.

Marketing:  This is your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.  It should be tailored to match your business – just like traditional marketing.

Advertising: This takes place on your custom YouTube Channel that works with your marketing to ‘tell your story’ through the use of informative and interesting videos (This used to be known as ‘Television’).

Human Resources:  This is now known as LinkedIn.

Sales Force:  Commonly known as ‘The Social Network’ – effective salespeople are using tools like Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers and distribute the value proposition.  Jigsaw, LinkedIn and Salesforce.com are also highly effective in prospecting, tracking and winning business.

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