What You Need to Know About Google

If you are not already familiar with ‘Google’, you can go ahead and navigate away from this blog right now.  However, if you’re looking to get the most exposure on (by far) the most widely used search engine, there are a few things that you should know. 

Google Acquired YouTube in 2006

That’s right, two of the most widely used websites on the web are owned by the same organization.  If you don’t currently have a YouTube Channel – I would STRONGLY recommend that you set one up immediately if not sooner.  If you’re wondering how YouTube can be used for business, check out our past blog:  YouTube as a Business Tool.

What’s important to consider is that the same algorithms (i.e. search logic ‘instructions’) that are used by Google are used by YouTube.  For this reason, you should use care in adding keywords and descriptions to every video that you post on your channel.  This will help you get the most exposure when web users search Google.

Take the following instance: 

Go to Google and search:  ‘Guaranteed AutoMotive Supersale’ or simply CLICK HERE.


What we are looking at here is the fact that just below the second link, there are two videos from YouTube that appear in the result set – both relevant to the search terms.

Also, please make note that the results for G&A Marketing dominate the page – showing the user that this company is active and progressive with regards to the Internet.  Think what impressions you draw when a single company has multiple listings appear on a Google search.



Google Maps will list your business location(s) for Free 

If you have ever searched for a business address on Google Maps then you will see there are multiple businesses listed where the building houses multiple tenants.  Getting listed is as simple as signing up for Google Places (a free service) and submitting your information. 

Signing up for this service allows you to not only submit your address, but also a photo icon, web and email links, video (via YouTube) links and services/products offered by your organization. 

By doing so, you are making sure your business is indexed in a map search as well as in the Google Directory.  In addition, you are increasing your chances of being found by random web surfers as well as creating a better impression with the additional information that you submit.

Google Owns Blogger.com (AKA Blogspot.com)

If you have a blog or are considering a blog for your organization, you should use Blogger.com.  This is a free service and the look/feel can be customized to match your organization.  A blog can be an effective tool to touch and communicate with your customers.  Because Google owns Blogger.com – this service will be indexed more effectively by Google.  Start a blog today using Blogger.com to expand your online reach.

Google Offers Free Analytics (i.e. tracking traffic on your website)

If you are not already utilizing Google Analytics, you should contact your web developer (or AI Software) to find out about the benefits of tracking your web traffic.  Google Analytics offers a very deep stat tracking system that will allow you to review hits, unique users, key terms, traffic sources and much, much more.  This will help evaluate your overall web strategy as well as give you insight on where traffic is coming from.  CLICK HERE to explore the features and benefits – and, let us know if you need help setting this service up.

What’s All This Mean?

If you are not already utilizing some or all of these services, then you should waste no time in setting up an account on Google to start taking advantage of such an effective (and free) suite of services.  If you are ever in need of assistance, please contact me and we can help you out. 

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