How to Sell Your Products Online

Helpful Tips To Enter the World of Online Selling

Your Web Presence is Important

In order to sell products online you need to have an effective web presence.  Otherwise, no one will take you seriously.  If customers do not see an effective and professional web presence, they will not purchase your products.

Secure Your Position

Make sure you have a secure (SSL encrypted website) and secure your online rankings (Search Engine Optimization / SEO).  Choose a credible partner to make sure this is taken care of so you can focus on selling your products.

Choose a Platform / Processor

You need to choose a secure online payment system.  AI Software recommends Authorize.net – however, there are many systems out there that can handle this.  If it does not work properly, you won’t sell.

Market Your Product / Market Your Website

Your existing and potential customers need to find you online. The only way they can know is via advertising. Market appropriately so the world can find you online. You may want to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to announce your arrival online. You may choose to start a blog to help market your online store. Use free and paid classified ads to market your internet based shop.

THAT’S IT – 4 things you need to do to sell online.  Contact AI Software to help make it happen for you.


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