Using QR Codes For Event Marketing

Appropriate and effective promotional campaign is a crucial and integral part of organizing a successful event. Organizers can use various promotional tools to optimize their campaigns; QR code is one of them and is gaining ground these days.
Quick Response code or QR code is widely used nowadays to make events interactive. This code simply refers to a barcode, which contains information that can be read into Smartphone. This article is going to show you how to use these codes to boost your event registration rate.
1. Link to Event Schedules
These codes help your attendees check an event schedule on their Smartphone, even when they are on the go. Organizers can place these codes at the registration desk, so that someone can scan it and bookmark it for future use. In fact, using this code, you can schedule your entire conference and reach out to a larger number of audience, even when they are not using their computer.
2. Mobile Ticketing
Keep in mind that these codes, if applied in the right way, are highly capable of accelerating your ticket sales. In fact, it is the most effective system that is designed for mobile ticketing. Using this code, you can reduce the production and distribution costs involved with manual, paper-based ticketing channels.
3. Event Promotion
A QR code allows you to promote your event extensively and in a short time. If you are distributing flyers and brochures, make sure of placing a QR code and link it directly to a sign up page. As a result, your potential attendees can sign up right away from their Smartphone. Moreover, such conveniences are likely to attract potential attendees in large numbers.
4. Registration Badges
With the arrival of QR codes, business cards are no more in the scenario. Using these codes on the registration badges, you can allow your attendees to exchange info by scanning the code and spreading it to their own network. It not only gives you access to a great deal of information, but also helps you do the same within a short time.
5. Sponsor Information
Using these codes, you can give your visitors a great opportunity to engage with sponsors. Put a QR code next to each sponsor's name on your event website as well as on the flyers. It will allow your attendees to learn more about that sponsor.
Use Quick Response codes properly to boosts your event registration rapidly.

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