To APP or not To APP. . .

These days, a large percentage of the population uses an iPhone or Droid (Android) for their preferred method of communication. These users are used to being separated from their money - $1 at a time – through the ‘APP Store’ offered by either Apple or Android.

Increasing adoption and usage of ‘APPs’ is creating a buzz for businesses and organizations to wonder – do we need to create an ‘APP’?

. . . That is the question!

When examining whether or not your organization should create an iPhone or Android APP, perhaps the question should be:  What will my APP accomplish?

Here are some potential benefits of creating an APP:

  • Create a new marketing channel.
  • Create a new revenue stream.
  • Create a viral promotion with a fun APP.
  • Allow customers to remotely access data including placing orders, access important information, place instant orders and more.

You Better Recognize!

While APPs are certainly ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’ (thanks in large part to the brilliant marketing team at Apple) – Mobile Web is actually less expensive and can be much more beneficial and easy to manage.

Mobile web refers to a website that is built and optimized for display on mobile devices.  AI Software uses BROWSER RECOGNITION – this means that the web application actually recognizes what type of device is accessing the site and displays a different interface accordingly.  So, the actual mobile web application ‘knows’ if it’s being viewed by an iPhone, Android, iPad, Dell Streak, HP Slate, etc. and display itself accordingly. 

A Mobile Web Site offers the following benefits:

  • Create 1 product with multiple displays, rather than multiple products for each platform (save time, save money).
  • Updates are made in real time – your stakeholders do not have to download updates from the APP Store constantly.
  • Give customers instant access to the Mobile Web Application – no download necessary.  Access via URL – don’t have to find it in a ‘store’ environment.
  • Can be the same URL as your company page and use browser recognition to display accordingly.
  • Because it is browser-based, this product will function on ALL current and future portable devices.

Regardless of the direction you take for your mobile marketing strategy, count on AI Software to help you every step of the way!

Email me for more information:  terry@aisoftwareinc.com

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